Monetize: 1. to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit. 2. to coin into money; also : to establish as legal tender

Over the past year, I wrote about it here, here, and here.

I realize through my browsing that many Caribbean websites do not have ads placed on their website, few may have Google AdSense. It appears that many may not know their options on how to make money online.

They hear about but have no idea of where to start.

1. Traffic: focus on building original and good content, the traffic will come. Traffic is the amount of people searching on Google, direct browsing, or traditional promotions through facebook or myspace who visit your site.

2. CPA, CPC, eCPM, CPM are all terms to get familiar with. The companies you will use to monetize your website will use these terms and they can be confusing. This is the measurement by which you are paid.

3. Use a ad serving company that is flexible. They offer options text ads or banner ads.

4. Did I say focus on good original content? If you build it and it is original the traffic will flow in. Most website owners have a great deal of traffic but forget about the profit. If you are in this for fun, well great, if you want to make some money learn, learn!!

5. Email me to learn about ways to monetize your site and make money online. put: make money in the subject line.



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