Over the past ten years, I discovered the power of being able to make money from content I produced. It was very important to me that the companies I became affiliated with, paid on time, had a variety of options. Such as pay per click, impression based payment, and affiliate referral programs.

Affiliate referral programs are my favorite for a couple reasons. The pay out is normally higher and most companies allow you to refer others and earn a commission based on what referrals make.

Affilate programs

LinkShare This program has thousands of companies waiting for you to refer people to their products.

Amazon This website provides you with a great deal of products to monetize your site.

Chitikia : great for blogs and websites geared towards content search on yahoo and google.

Masshost: perfect for resellers who want to sell hosting. High payout/commission.

Trade hub- great pay per lead site.

Aweber-email marketing campaigns. Not only is Aweber a great tool to be used for email marketing, it is a great tool to refer others and make money.

1 and 1-anther high payout for referral. They boast payout as high as $300 USD per customer (based on package).

Adbrite: a text link and banner advertising company. This company will earn more when you refer others who own blogs/websites. Earn up to 10 months of commissions.

Globalizer network: earn income from International affiliates



Recommended Money Makers

  • Amazon Associates
  • Chitika
  • Masshost
  • Free Resource
  • 1 and 1
  • Adbrite