Leverage: 1: to provide (as a corporation) or supplement (as money) with leverage; also : to enhance as if by supplying with financial leverage 2: to use for gain

Leveraging domains should be an essential task of every Caribbean media. DancehallReggae.com a very popular website. According to Alexa rank they are #84,717 with 18,187 U.S. visitors per month. DancehallReggae.com did not register ReggaeDancehall.com. The website is owned by http://www.ireit.com/ a corporation in Texas.

IREIT paid about $200 for that website. ReggaeDancehall.com is ranked at #4,170,667. In my opinion, the traffic to this site is rising because of the popularity of DancehallReggae.com. They make money from Pay per click ads (PPC). DancehallReggae.com did not register the seemingly straight forward ReggaeDancehall.com and have lost out on thousands of people visiting their website. "Leverage."

To protect their brand it would have cost the people at DancehallReggae.com $36 a year to register all domains surrounding their brand of DancehallReggae.com (i.e. ReggaeDancehall.com,DancehallReggae.net, ReggaeDancehall.net).

Make sense to me! There is no doubt in my mind that we are not leveraging the opportunity on the Internet. Protect your brand at all cost. Here is a company that I really like and they have built businesses around generic domains www.digimedia.com/ . By the way, when you visit you will be saying why didn't I think of that!

Machel and his Xtatik team owns www.socatunes.com/ Link Up Media owns www.reggaeradiostation.com/, www.reggaetunes.com/ and forty others. They are both industry heavy weights and clearly leveraging the Internet as a media platform. Domains are brands and should be treated as such. The more generic a domains, the better.

If you think it is too late, it is! If you see an opportunity start working smarter.

Peace, blessing, health, and love for 2008




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