Direct browsing refers to when a browser[you] type into firefox or Internet browser specifically what they are looking for in order to directly bypass search engines and get to where they want to go.

One example of this is the search term: "Find Internet Deals." The direct browser type in in order to go directly to what they have in mind.

Another example is: "Toronto Soca." Caribbean people in Toronto know that Soca is one of the most popular music there. A direct browser would type in

Direct browsing meets domain investing: You can believe that people are typing into their browser exactly what they want and getting it. For example Johnson & Johnson owns and Barnes and Noble owns and

The investing part is a little more complicated because domain investing have been in existance for at least 16 years when domainers registered names like and started earning money from advertisers.

The best place to start is to go through this blog and get prior posts. Learn the domain business by subscribing to blogs (, Conceptualist).

For example, once you start learning. Set some ground rules for yourself. Do you want to buy domains after they are dropped from prior owners from companies like or do you want to build you own ideas and create names.

Here are some examples of my recent buys: (The native translation of Germany and Reggae is very popular in Germany) (registered 2/22/08)
Coffers.US (2/21/08)

I buy what makes sense to me and I also stick with very generic names. I only register (i) before a generic name with dot com. I stay away from dot net or other Top level domains (TLD) with (i) or (e). Direct browsers tend to use i or e before dot com. The point is dot com is king with direct browsers.

I may purchase country domains like Coffers.US only if it is a generic word and has value.

Direct browsing is the future!



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