My Domains: Sell or Develop?

I have a few domains that I am currently in the process of developing or selling. I prefer to develop domains into business (,, etc).

Here are a few I would like to develop (maybe even sell)

1. : This domain is for the future. I think the Caribbean has its pop music in all genres but mainstream markets are still catching up.

2. I am actually in the process of making this a format that would provide Soca updates, press releases, etc.

3. This is a part of my collection of geography centered domains. I was told by Sam of Fetenet to never ever get rid of this I bet you want to know what is in this collection. Well,,, and is a few to mention. I am open to partnering with who ever has a solid business plan.

4. Self explanatory.

5. Someone else own the dot com. I open to selling this one. There is steady traffic on this but I bet we will see an increase in the future. Negril one of my favorite places in Jamaica outside of my parish St. Elizabeth.. :)

6. The offer still stands. Read the offer



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