The difference between the domain owners who actually invest in domains and those who use the Internet to register a couple sites with the simple task of getting their music, art, and other forms of expression is the INTENTION.

It is my INTENTION to make money from the domains I own. This brings me to my point I have spent countless hours looking at Caribbean websites and whether or not there is a real INTENTION to make money from these sites.

Most Caribbean websites only have information on flyer's, some advertisement from events,etc. These sites also have a lot of Traffic coming through. They are not monetized well and these folks are leaving a lot of money off the table.

It is my belief that many of the popular Caribbean sites either lack knowledge or just do not have the time to monetize their sites to generate income. Most of these sites have returning customers and have in place a captive audience. Some sites carry Google ads but I think that when you have a site that is visited by millions of visitors a year. There should be an INTENTION to use this specific traffic to attract advertisers.

For example, Most Caribbean artist have received maximum exposure from use of the Internet from sites like and others. The Internet has been a friend to those artist and their music. In popular places like Canada, USA, West Indies, Europe it is because of domains/websites those artist are able to reach out to a wider audience. The potential is there for an even wider Caribbean domain market to be monetized by website owners.

There needs to be a real INTENTION behind domaining and its potential.

If you do not see domaining as a viable business venture, you still utilize domains everyday. Somebody else is making the money.



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