My recent conversation on twitter reinforced an overall strategy for my company. Getting a 1-10 listing on Google/Yahoo for a variety keywords and phrases are important for my business-this is essential for original content producers who want to be seen as an authority.

I discussed in previous posts the importance of building authority for celebrities, brands, and online growth. Authority is the number 1 undertaking in order to ensure a 1-10 spot on search engines. Most surfers who use any of the big search engines like Bing, Google, and yahoo will most likely click the page results ranging from 1-10. Getting to the 1-10 position has always been about the content. The content will need to be consistent, original, and structured with proper feed management.

Social Media is the perfect catalyst for this process.  Facebook and Twitter will speed up your backlinks profile, while providing exposure to a small,motivated audience.  Your motivated audience is your key to the explosion in growth to reach the top page of the search engine game.  This is in turn leads to generation of revenue from an increase in traffic (If you are properly monetized).

Original Content

Most of what you read on or has been work done with publicits/record companies/artiste to craft information they would like to see released. Lazy content producers may take information and re-post. Others will re-post and give credit to the original source (great for original content producer). There are two things at work, the websites who give credit to you will edify you as the source. The search engine will begin to see that you are the source of information. This process can take time, however, if your goal is to become number 1, this process needs to continue without digression.

Feed Management

Friend Feed is an excellent tool for publishing to information to social media like Facebook. It is a distribution method which enables brands to work smarter. It can be linked to youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Feed Management comes into play because as a brand builder internet readers can easily share and interlink stories. In other words if your website is not number 1 for a term, your feeds maybe. This links back to your website.

I hope this is helpful in terms of how to gain momentum and leverage of your online Caribbean brand.  The X Factor is consistency and smart work (Maximizing your potential through maximum mental effort).

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