I get an enormous amount of music on a weekly basis.  While we have a method of sifting through new music.  I noticed that artistes work against themselves when they submit music to media sites. It is a waste of your valuable time to send music without a press release/promo pics/bio.  With that said, if you don't submit any of the essentials it goes like this: We get the music, download and rarely listen-music ends up in a folder somewhere.

The situation you would like to create: Give yourself and your music personality in order to be published.  I think all new Caribbean music release should be accompanied by a press release/promo pics/ and bio.  Bloggers/online media like information that they can draw from.  If you send just a song, we may like it or pass over it.  With additional information to your music we have something to publish.  I am not sure if you have noticed, online media has a growing audience-they push your music when it is discussed and published.  Most Bloggers/online media will not just publish a song with any background information.  Add some spice to your new releases, it is all a part of proper presentation anyways.

Publicists can assist with this process, check out some of the people I work with IceyJace, Rhona Fox, Damian Sogren, and Darling Nicky.  I hope this helps..:)

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