Easy access to blogging technology in the Caribbean community has led to an increase Caribbean bloggers'. As we have seen in the past, as a new technology explodes, some exploit the technology for a little while, others mastery it. In order to master blogging, building authority is necessary. In my prior blog post, I discussed building authority online. The challenge for many is the ability to create relationships, provide a service or create value through the art of building authority.

The same traditional values of foot work or in this case, making contact using social media, phone calls, and networking are still necessary. The art of building authority starts with sharing and not controlling. The fact that a person may want to control what they know, is not valuable to others. Persons will move on when they feel like they have nothing to learn from you. Here are a few steps to the art of building authority using social media, branding through traditional and non-traditional networking.

1. Create Deep,Meaningful Relationships.

Relationships are the primary goal of any person trying to build authority. I look at every new Social Media as a tool to connect, network, get to know others. Without the right relationships, the further you will be from the sources of information. In order to create deep, meaningful relationships. It has to be reciprocal. The person has to be getting something from you, the authority builder. DJ's are a great example of this, If a popular DJ plays an artiste music, then it is only right that the artiste return the favor by doing a show, doing dubs or drops, etc. The relationship is deep because they need each other. It is meaningful because they both benefit from the relationship.

2. Create Networks

Networking is not the same thing as "creating networks". There are a variety of ways to create networks. In the Caribbean community, it is useful to connect with people at different ends of the success ladder. The person who is already established in their area of expertise maybe looking for apprentices. Pass it on, this is how authority works. I always tell anyone I give information, pass it on and encourage the person to do the same. Deep networking encourages relationships that can further flourish into partnership, business deals, etc.

3. Have a Historical Perspective

In today's society we are fascinated with the new. However, the old or vintage has the most value. Many ideas, books, and music currently being listened to or promoted is plenty today, but they will eventually be considered old. If you archive information, you are the holder of that information or product, etc. This is value, supply is low and demand is high (101).

The historical perspective is also valuable for teaching. The teacher is inherently an authority in their area of expertise. Understand the history of whatever you are dealing with.

4. Who has been successful

It is easy to forget the pioneers of the field. Whether or not it is music, business, media. Knowing a little about who has been successful and what they have done can go a long way to encourage and provide insight to others. For example, I am an avid reader of books-from religion to business. I have not read everything, however, when I speak about what I know. I have a compelling story and can refer to books or information that others may find useful.

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