I spent the last six months learning and soaking up the information about how to properly run my domains as separate online businesses. The key factor in this process is: the ability to execute, test, learn and optimize for better performance. It is full time and constant. It is the mundane aspect of doing business online-unless you enjoy it like I do.

As I worked tirelessly to build the platform of IdancehallReggae.com over the past year, I am beginning to see a positive emergence of my doing. I made the decision to shift focus and bring on team members who share similar goals with their business. Why not hire them? Outsource what others do better and create deep meaningful relationships that create opportunities for my company, as well as others.

I promoted others as much as I promote my company, this has been more enriching than anything else. As I continue on with this process, the goal is to be consistent with a phase 1 plan which will take 10 years-keep overhead low, create a platform for Caribbean Lifestyle, pay attention, grow, and learn.

I am not sure how else to pass this on but the only thing I ever learned from, was the experience of my execution, failures, and ultimate success.

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