I have been trying to write this blog for some time- to make my intentions public, as well as Inform you about the new direction Motex Group (Parent company) will be taking. Most persons who visit any one of the websites I operate (with the wonderful team across the Caribbean) may have seen the term "Caribbean Lifestyle Media".

What is Caribbean Lifestyle Media?

Lifestyle Media refers to the emergence of media which is personalized and has a social component. For us in the Caribbean and diaspora, our culture, is our lifestyle. The utilization of the Internet is a no brainer. The Internet serves as a platform which can be maximized to display the depth of Caribbean people. With this in mind, I set out to explore and create online journals of this experience. Increasingly, Caribbean people are accessing online mediums. This is evidence by Price Waters Cooper report on digital convergence era. While we have a great deal of information floating around on the Internet about our music, politics, etc. Very few places offer a service for exploring the characters involved. Caribbean Lifestyle Media is a service. Simple put, Caribbean lifestyle media is the convergence of social media, lifestyle, entertainment, and information.

How to Sustain

The first question I had about creating this hub called Caribbean Lifestyle Media was, "how do I sustain this over a period of time, make a living, and pay others for their work, etc". Leverage became a operative work in carrying out the process. I noticed that all the major companies online created original content and became Hubs for information. The Hub is six degrees of separation theory that everything is connected.

How it works
The platform is spread out across a variety of websites, which is connected through twitter and broadcast on the web through a targeted effort using hootsuite, facebook, ect. This service provide information to those who would like it and information is developed and created by our team or those who would like to get information out to our audience (i.e. advertisers). There are many points where a person may interact with content or pass on. I discussed feeds in the past, so you can learn here, here.

The group of websites

Secondary Hubs
These are website which are geography centered and drive traffic to main website DancehallSoca. For example, HoustonSoca.com and TorontoSoca.com all point to the same website. ReggaeSoca.com is one of the more popular secondary Hubs, with quite a few visitors direct browsing and returning once they have discovered the website. This is still in beta stages. I may eventually find partners in the cities name above and develop those sites. It is important to note that all content is monetize each time it is published.



Recommended Money Makers

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  • Chitika
  • Masshost
  • Free Resource
  • 1 and 1
  • Adbrite