In my opinion Caribbean marketers who already utilize feeds to market their products, service, music and brands are already ahead of the game. Web 2.0 developed the feed but web 3.0 will make the feed more interactive and beyond anything we can imagine now.

Feeds power sites such as twitter( follow us), digg, and many others. This is a marketers dream because when I post this blog on, the feed is generated on twitter and sent to DancehallSoca facebook page. This one post has allowed for me to reach almost 3,000 friends on facebook, followers on twitter, and all those who subscribe via feed to

It is easy to understand how one can market just about anything. The approach I take is a comprehensive one. Our Facebook page (look up: Dancehall Soca) is not static and is always providing information.

Feeds allow information to be disseminating to many different places at once. Subscription, feed with legs (i.e twitter), Feeds via email, feed via social media, feeds via mobile phone, feeds to be monetize. The beauty: all listed above can be connected with little effort.

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