In 2008, I purchased a few gems like I am focused on finding more gems in 2009. The Caribbean domain market is like gem stone mining. It is still relatively new and emerging. The first to the reach the gems, own the market.

Many may ask why would I put my intentions in clear view for the public to see. It is simple, the more people we have investing, the more valuable Caribbean domains will be.

Case in point: RaggaSoca is an emerging sub-genre in the eastern Caribbean. This domain is a rare gem. The dot com and dot net is already taken. *I wonder who will register the additional extension.

Since the inception of the internet, in order to have an internet presence, a domain name is necessary. For that matter, any name can be registered (ie. However, the value is in the generic nature of the domain (i.e, Generics are easily recognizable by the user and therefore has inherent value. Can you imagine how easy it would be to advertise with a domain like Generics are basically every day words we use and recognize.

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Another benefit is the leveled playing field between newly developed domains as media centers and traditional media. information can be published within seconds!!

I noticed many more Caribbean artists are registering their names as dot coms. In this post here, I stressed the importance of owning your online image. Have you registered your name as a dot com yet?

Happy New Year!!




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