Raga Shanti, the popular radio talk show host and lecturer at the University of West Indies is gearing up to create an online presence. From my research, Raga Shanti dot com was purchase back in 2004 . However, Raga's show recently started to become a international hit with Jamaicans in the Tri-state area.

The insight
Caribbean nationals in areas of entertainment and other public spaces forget to register their domains as a part of their marketing. In this case, Raga Shanti registered his name years prior to his radio show being an international hit. It appears that Raga understood the power of his domain name. Raga also registered his government name Kingsley Stewart and has it parked. I am not sure if he is making money from this domain or it is parked by default.

Caribbean Domains

I illustrated here, here, here how important Caribbean domains are. The ability to purchase a domain or as I like to call it, media platform is relatively inexpensive. Raga had a plan and this is clearly illustrated by him registering these domain names before he became a popular talk show host. Caribbean domains are now more important than ever. Knowprose discussed the monetization of Caribbean content here.

Difference between website and domains

Many maybe confused by what a domain is and some confuse it with the end product called websites. There are many websites out there. However, domains are the foundation for websites. Without RagaShanti.com as his domain, Raga would not be able to build on this platform. At times artistes may have their company register a website with their name but they do not own the domain. If you have a brand, it is in your best interest to own the brand which corresponds to that domain.



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