Bacchanal Jamaica

Dy Damian Sogren

Jamaica’s Carnival which takes place in April has been described by many Carnival connoisseurs as the perfect continuation to T&T’s February celebrations. After an intense day of wining and jamming from sunshine to moonlight at Beach Jouvert in Ocho Rios, anticipation was high for the next major event on the Bacchanal Jamaica Calender, “Bacchanal Jouvert”.

As the team entered the famous Mas Camp in New Kingston, all seemed to be festive but also quite calm as patrons made their way to and from the bar with the intention of an Appleton top up”, while others appeared to be searching for and marking their strategic liming positions for the night’s festivities.

Then all of a sudden the first bucket of white paint was unleashed on the crowd. The whole mood of the fete shifted into high gear as everyone in attendance seemed to have reverted to the vibe of Beach Jouvert as the yearning to get covered with paint again was quite evident. That initial bucket of white paint became a highly desired commodity much like a cold Red Stripe in a smoldering desert. Read More



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