I am almost as obsessed with collecting domains as I am with earning money or developing domains into quality websites. I recently started scratching my head, trying to figure out why the marketing people who work with Caribbean artists are not spending the $9.99 USD (varies based on country/company)to buy their artists domains. I decided to find out details about which top artist from the Caribbean actually owned their domains.

Here is what my research revealed:

SHAGGY dot com: Not owned by the diamond selling artist. Site is probably worth millions.

Edwin Yearwood dot com: Not owned by artist. One of the best artist out of Barbados.

Kris Kelli dot com: Own by a company in Jamaica/site does not resolve.

MrVegas dot com: Owned by Connecticut individual/site just say Mr Vegas/I think this site worth is in the six figures.

Spragga Benz dot com: Own by Antigua company

Maddzart dot com: Not resolving but registered

Patrice Roberts dot com: Not resolving to website but registered. hmm, I wonder if Patrice followed Machel footstep?

Konshens dot com: owned by a Washington, DC producer who also has a artist (rapper) by the name of KONSHENS. Great insight on his part. KONSHENS is quickly becoming one the biggest names in Dancehall.

Busy Signal dot com: Owned by one the biggest domainers in the universe out of the Cayman Islands NAME ADMINISTRATION.

MACHEL MONTANO dot com: Registered and makes me proud

Beenie Man dot com: not owned by Beenie but dot net is owned by Virgin records

Kevin Lyttle dot com: Owned and operated by him/company. Makes me proud. However, someone registered the misspelled name Kevin Little dot com. ooops on the part of this company to think that every one will spell Kevin name the way it should be spelled (LYTTLE Vs. LITTLE).

Just a side note: IReport.com was bought for little or nothing and later sold to CNN for $800,000 plus. You do the math. How much do you think that anyone of these artist name is worth to them?



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