Fayann Vs Fayann Lyons

Roughly a month has passed since Fayann won Soca monarch titles for 2009. This automatically created a surge in direct browsing from internet users trying to locate her.
One thing is clear, Fayann has no real online presence. I typed in Fayannlyons.com and came across Caribbean entertainment. I contacted Caribbean entertainment for confirmation that they represent her, but I receive no response. In my mind, whether or not it is Fayann.com or FayannLyons.com, artiste need to get with it. Do not leave this part of your marketing unexplored.
Fayann.com is there for Fayann when she is ready for it. For FREE, because I own it. This will be a donation. Could someone please pass on the message. my guess was Fayann.com would make a great online destination for Fayann's fans. I also wanted to point out, this domain [fayann.com] was registered less than a month ago.



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