iLike, a social music service that has created one of the more popular applications for Facebook's platform, has changed the app's name to the more straightforward "Music."

"Over 40 million music fans like you have used iLike to share music and discover concerts, and we're grateful to you for being one of them," an e-mail sent to members who have installed the app said. "To maintain consistency with other Facebook applications, we're renaming the 'iLike' application to simply 'Music.'"

The company name hasn't changed, and it hasn't yet reflected this on its Web site. But head over to Facebook, and the app's name has changed to "Music (iLike)."

"It's just a name change," iLike representative Emily Glassman told CNET News in an e-mail. "We did some research and saw that every other big app is named as a common noun ('Causes,' 'Movies,' 'Bumper Sticker,' etc.) and we wanted to be more consistent with what seems to be the norm on the Facebook Platform."

I'm going to put on my Web 2.0 tinfoil hat for a second and wonder if changing its app name to simply "Music" is something that iLike has wanted to do for a while, but couldn't because of internal regulations at Facebook. There were, at a time, loads of rumors that Facebook would be launching a music service of its own. One would think they'd want the name "Music" to be reserved for it.

It's a stretch, but iLike taking the "Music" app name could be taken as a sign that Facebook won't be creating its own service with that name. Either that, or maybe they'll buy this one. And that's too many conspiracy theories for a Saturday afternoon.



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