The Insight
I believe that to have the insight to register a domain name, such as is to be commended.  However, on a variety of levels, I am a little disappointed with the lack of effort that is placed behind generic domains like Soca.TV,, and  These domains would create would an amazing platform for the genres they represent.  

Quality domains such as these, are instant brands and should be treated as such. The youtube videos on the site, to me, display the lack of will to create a Dancehall Tv brand or a Reggae Tv brand.  I wrote about this at lengths here, here, here, and here.

Caribbean domain ownership is not live and has not been for some time now.  I recently contacted the domain owner of and his listed price left me saying "him cyan gwaan wid dat".   It appears that all the domains I mentioned except Soca.TV (Trinidadian owner) are not West Indian owned(I could be wrong).  Therefore, the owners may not be as invested in making these domains more powerful brands but holding out for the big payday.


In all fairness, it appears that Soca.Tv is being prepped for a full launch.  While I am at it, have you seen  Horrible!



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