The other day while I was browsing, I saw a picture with a domain plastered all over it. When I typed the domain into my browser. I came across an adult website which was unexpected because the website I was trying to find was all about Caribbean entertainment. It appears that my eyes saw the website address and I immediately typed in the correct spelling of the website.

After I ended up at the wrong website, It became apparent to me that the owners of the domain I was trying to find thought that the misspelling of their website was cool. I was turned off because it was hard to remember the website name.

Branding to me means that your customers leave with an impression(disclaimer: not a marketing genius). If a possible visitor(s) to your site misspells your domain and end up at the wrong place. By my definition that is a missed opportunity to make an impression.

So misspellings of your domain; while possible to still be marketed. It creates so much more effort to brand. Remember we always want to work smarter and not harder. This is why we have technology!!



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