At the end of part I of promote your music. I talked a little about forming and building your relationships with media companies.

The Relationship

Any relationship has to be authentic. I know when an artist is just using me to get their music out versus when they are truly invested in the relationship and the by product is that their product gets promoted. The relationship can be as simple as remembering the person name. Connect with media companies even when you are not promoting a product.

One personal story I can share, a artiste contacted me and sent his entire album to me. A product without a relationship does nothing. For the most part, I have to sort through thousands of songs and if I only spoke with you or emailed you once. It is highly unlikely I will remember your name or your music. The relationship building process is the marketing process. The two are not separated.

Maintain and foster professional relationships

The art of maintaining a professional relationship is simple. The more I interact with you, the easier it is for me to remember you. There are services like myspace, facebook, twitter, IM, this blog to maintain contact. The artist who I generally keep in touch with I know on a first name basis. There are different levels to connect but if the relationship is not maintained in some way. Just talent or a hit song will not improve your relationship with media companies. Shilo [publicist] discusses this here.

Popular online Media Caribbean companies

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