Guest Post by SHILO EVANS

This weekend in Miami was a very eventful one on all levels.There were shows and parties, dinners and movies.From the fabulously festive to the humble and homely.I got no rest. None...but it was all worth it. I saw a lot of 'famous' faces this weekend.I saw a lot of loving fans of 'famous' faces this weekend...and I also saw some'famous' faces who will never be worth the hype and don't deserve the love or respecttheir supporters have for them.

This blog is NOT about the 'artists' who will never measure up because they have no personality...this is not about the 'artists' who preach unity and practice segregation...this is not about the 'artists' who disrespected a supporter because the hypearound them is so great...this is not about the 'artists' who have silly notions regarding the press. Handle and the blade...'artists' are a dime a dozen...memba dat!With no're will ALWAYS have a job. There is always someone else to feature. Careful not to burn the bridge while stillstanding on it. This blog is not about all the 'artists' I came across this weekend who are notworthy of my time...or attention.

You can't preach love and togetherness and practice segregation.That's not how the ting work.You can't and shouldn't disrespect the Caribbean media...MTV and BET have nothing over us.You shouldn't be hype...and you must NEVER disrespect a branch when yu don't even know whichtree it a grow from. Anyway...this is NOT about the negative...No more energy will I waste on the unworthy.


I went to Ky-mani Marley's Birthday Bash on South Beach Friday night and had towrite this blog honoring my friend.Now, if you're reading this and think I am bigging up Ky-mani ONLY because we are goodfriends, you must not know me very well at all.Ky-mani and I bump heads all the time, but always with respect and love.Let me big up the Ky-mani I know. I don't care about another's opinion of him...I am speakingfrom 'my' heart. No one knows my heart and what goes on in it but GOD and me.

Ky-mani's birthday celebration was held at Dolce's on South Beach. For anyone not familiarwith this venue, it has three levels.Ky-mani has fans all over the world, and many of them flew in just to show love to this man.Why?Let me tell you why. Ky-mani is a people person. He is far from perfect as we all are...but he is a loving man with a great big heart.I watched the shotta running back and forth from floor to floor greeting all his fans and friends.He took pictures with everyone who asked...and he danced and made time for every question.I sat upstairs at one point looking at could see the exhaustion on his face. That didn'tstop him. One girl came to me with tears in her eyes and said, 'oh my GOD Ms Shilo, I went to say hi to Ky-mani and he knew my name from MySpace'. See, that kinda thing is what makes Ky-mani standout from many other 'artists'. You have to remember that music is healing. If you are an 'artist', you play a vital role in this ting.Your job is not only to entertain, but to educate and uplift. It's not to floss and show off. You'rebetter than no one, Your public made you. We can break you. If you are not ready for said respnsibilty, find a job at the mall or something.

A great many people out here are suffering. If someone should pick up your cd when they'refeeling hurt and lost and your music soothes them...stops them from falling over the edge...thenthe least you as an 'artist' can do is not shatter that image they have of you. Nuff cd get bruk upand dash whe more time because reality set in with the fans. I saw rappers show more love to us than our own people this weekend. How does that work?Like I said, big up who fi get big up.I choose to big up Ky-mani Marley.If there was a 'from the people' Ky-mani would have that seal up long time. I quote 'artist' because that term is overused.

To the media

If you ever have to work too hard, go through hoops, get disrespected, or made to feel like an artist isdoing you a favor by granting you an interview...please...mek it gwaan. Don't do it. Bun dat.Media serves a vital role. Watch out for the 'artist' dem and the publicists and managers who onlylink when dem have new cd fi promote.Don't be used.We're all in this thing together. Also...if an 'artist' hot and think his/her self too hot for your publication...don't sweat it.Time longer than rope. When dem pop dung dem wi find yu. I hope you know what to do then.


If you get any form of disrespect from any 'artist'...write bout it.Yeah mi know 'artist' run up inna all types of crazies and groupies more time, but for the most adore these 'artists' and just want to have that photo...that autograph...that hand shake...whatever!

I completely understand that an 'artist' need to focus before going on stage...that's why you need to sort out what happens when. If 'show love' time can't be made for the people who is paying the'artists' bills, then something need fi sort out...and quick.

Mi Dun

Going to go disect some of these songs that some of these 'artists' write, record and perform,No truth behind some a dem.What a shame!



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