As the CEO of Motex Group/ I am always aware of the new music releases. Our in box is constantly filled with new music. To show respect to the artistes who took their time to create their art and then send it out. I always separate music into folders and title them by the month in which I received them. This give me an opportunity to load up my Ipod and check out all the tunes.

Some of the songs I instantly like, others I have to let grow on me, others are not good at all. We [DancehallSoca] primarily focus on emerging Caribbean artistes who produces good music. I know this is subjective. From my perspective, good music is good content and a well produced tune. A talented artiste will know this or be open to developing their music to reflect it. Because I listen to so much music, I can instantly tell when something sounds redundant or the creative juices were not flowing in the right direction.

My assumption is that when your music gets to my desk, you want it to be for public consumption, possible be profiled, and/or your music to be promoted. The point here is that in order to get any media persons attention you have to stand out. Your music must be well crafted. This will include a relationship building process and will only improve if the interaction is authentic (online or offline).

I liked just about every artist we profiled on DancehallSoca in our DEM A BUSS feature.

Part II: How to build your relationship with media outlets



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