Jamaica is experiencing a notable growth in online presence. Ten years ago, you may be hard pressed to locate online mediums that were of any good quality. Today we see many webpreneurs who are making the move to capitalize on this emerging Caribbean Online Media market. Quite frankly, these sites do a better job at times with getting information disseminated.

Most of these sites are on par with other mainstream entertainment websites. They offer entertainment news, radio, and events promotions.

There was a common theme on all of these sites. I am still waiting for the break out website. The hint: Less is more, people still want to easily get around. I have faith that a few of these websites will be around in ten years, making money from the traffic they generate.

WorldFlavas and 876 Radio are the best monetized sites, and both seem to have the most original content.

Real Music Tones! And A Freebie!

One of my favorite website is 876Radio.com. It is a simple concept built around online radio. While most of the other websites follow a Blog like format. 876 Radio is primed for proper monetization. I noticed they had Google ads but they can certainly keep a captive audience and make money from online ads by diversifying their ads serving. The name [876 Radio] is simple, they have a strong group of DJ's and a nice looking site. I go back all the time. They also allow their visitors to post topics for the front page. Great approach!

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This is a exciting time for those ready to engage an online audience. My only advice is that the owners of these sites find creative ways to make money online, continue to have original concepts and content, position themselves to create lasting brands.

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