The opportunities within the Caribbean arena for domain investing is still relatively unexplored. Over the past couple of weeks my company Motex Group LLC purchased a couple domains, I was surprised they were available. They are geography centered domains in cities where Soca music is very popular or is becoming popular...can you guest?

It appears that many of the former owners who owned these domains did not know what gems they had. 90% of my portfolio are domains that were dropped by former owners. This lead me to my conclusion about the perception of domains in the Caribbean community being largely unexplored as a viable commodity.

I was talking to a friend of mines the other day about domains. I took him along for my domain adventure. In order to explain I used this analogy:

Domains are virtual land. You can buy a piece of land downtown or across town. Either way you own land. The value of your land is going to depend on many factors. If you purchase a downtown property. You are in a good position. You can also purchase land across town which may have some future value. You may build on this land, rent it or lease option it to someone who wants to purchase in the future.

Generic dot coms are downtown land. [i.e. (geography centered generic) or (even more generic)]
dot net, dot us, and all others are like across town land. They may be valuable in the future but in the meantime you can develop them (build a brand) or lease option them (Parked). In some circumstances, dot org may make sense. For example, is better as a dot org because "donate non profits" indicate an organization and would have more value as dot org.

This all seemed to make sense to my friend. The final part of what really clicked for him is when I told him, " no more land is being made and there will be a time when even the land across town will be valuable".

Back to my first point: 90% of my portfolio was purchased after they were dropped. Domains being dropped are usually up for grabs for little or no money.

Interested in buying Virtual Land start learning: is a great place to start. is a great place to learn. is a great place to learn some history. is a great place to get continued education. Remember is where you learned all this from when you make your first million (LOL).

Remember, it is in the sharing we grow. Ask questions via comments and I will answer as best as I can.



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