Carib Contact motto is "Caribbean marketing portal". Carib Contact states that they would like to make your life easier: Traditional marketing tries to place advertisement messages in a way that gets your attention while perform some routine task. In reality, you will not notice it unless you are interested, and you might even search through several pages of a newspaper to find one advertisement of a product or service you are interested in.

The problem is that when you want a particular product, it tends to be difficult to find. CaribContact.Com provides you with an easier way to find flyers, press ads, coupons and newsletters containing the products and services that you are looking for.

I like the website layout and easy browsing capabilities. However, after 5 minutes of browsing, I am still unaware of how Carib Contact would help me or solve a problem I never knew I had. This company appears to be affiliated with I really had to dig to learn more about this company.


I am aware that many businesses online, maybe using offline marketing tactics for their company. Online the rules still apply, but some rules need to be tweaked. The first thing I want to know is who owns this company. Trust is the key, I am unsure who runs this company. Their "Whois" is private. When I am parting with my money, I want as much information about the persons behind the business that is possible. Pictures, names, etc, all could make CaribContact more approachable.

Carib Contact is actively advertising without a variety of products or services being offered. Recently, Pukshop launched without a variety of offerings on their website. I browsed, I saw, I left, if the website had a variety of products at the time that they launched. I would have browsed, saw, signed up, and returned. If you have a traditional store, would you open without products to sell? Would you want to know the shop owner? Would you want a variety of products? Same rules applies online as offline, never launch a website offering products, without products.

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