Ephraim Martin founder of IRAWMA recently purchased well over 70 domains relating to the Olympics. Caribbean Life News reported: The enterprising immigrant to Illinois is best known for initiating the oldest Caribbean music awards – the International Reggae & World Music Awards and annually hosts a July 4 weekend celebration in Chicago.Now that his city of record will not host the next two international competitions Martin decided he would own access by securing more than 80 web domain names related to the first Olympics in South America.Martin secured ownership after the city he resides failed to win approval by the International Olympics Committee.Initially, Martin registered more than ten chicago2016 or 2016chicago domains.He had also registered 43 domains for the 2012 London games and just about every domain for Rio-de-Janeiro, along with brazil2016.com and others that would connect internet users to a portal related to the Olympics.

Great for Ephraim that he understands the power of domains. I wonder how many Caribbean centered domains does Ephraim owns. Read the remainder of the story here.

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