I am a regular reader of Silicon Caribe, I was very excited to learn that a new Caribbean digital store was going to be available soon. The announcement was made on August 17th, 2009. I checked back and the site was not live. Silicon Caribe later published a preview of the website on September, 1st, 2009. At this time, my excitement had fizzled.

A few days ago, I visited the site again and I was further dissapointment;the website had few options. I always follow a few rules, do not have a website go live until everything is in place. I am not on the inside dealings of the company, however, as a outsider looking in, it is difficult to return to this website. It is important that business owners online realize that your website is your store front. People pay attention, even when you think they are not.

Original Press Releas from PukShop.com:

The music industry is about to welcome yet another entity into revolutionary world of digital music sale and distribution as leading events management company neXt Level PoisonUK, announces the launch of PUKSHOP- the newest software based online digital media store. PUKSHOP lets music fans search for and legally download thousands of songs either as singles or entire albums; download ringtones; store the songs on their computer hard drives; and stream videos, live events and music via the download site or jukebox application before downloading it : all accessible wherever an internet connection is available. For both Mac , PC, mobile handsets and IPTV users, this service is available directly from www.pukshop.com. Event e-tickets will also be available to be purchased on this site.

PUKSHOP is a one stop website for music lovers that have been created by a group of professionals all of whom have individual experience in running a successful business within the Caribbean Community. The advantages of creating this site, having it launched in the United Kingdom prior to Notting Hill, Rotterdam, Barbados Carnivals 2009 and Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010 are immense. The website has an international flavour, international reach and uses the latest web development and technological advantages available. Venomous Ltd, the managing company has partnered with leading digital organisations to bring global audiences via all communication means that can access the site namely the Internet, Satellite, Digital and Cable media, IPTV, Mobile Handsets etc. www.pukshop.com is the new way to purchase music, videos and other related merchandise of Caribbean & Latin origin globally.

PUKSHOP is a joint venture between PoisonUK and BMG Partnership Ltd and is managed by BMG Partnership Ltd ( Dominica ) trading as Venomous Ltd .The Management Team comprises of Wendel Clement (Campbells of London & PoisonUK), Nigel Guy (BMG Partnership Ltd) , Martin Jay (Soca Prince, PoisonUK, Choice FM London Soca DJ) , John Batson ( BMG Partnership Ltd ) and Jack Alexis (Caribbean Prestige Foundation). PUKSHOP utilises the best of both worlds- like iTunes™ , it can search for and download music, but it can also stream music and videos using its jukebox application just like Spotify™. The jukebox is available wherever you maybe.

But what is the real difference between this and every other music application?

“PUKSHOP focuses initially on Caribbean influenced music and videos and is being coined as your ‘one stop shop’ for World music, videos, podcasts and related merchandise,” explains Konata Alleyne NLPUK Events and Media Manager. “ This includes Soca, Calypso, Pan , DanceHall, Jazz, Reggae, Zouk, Parang, Compas, Cadence, Soukouss, Reggaeton, Merengue , Salsa amongst others.” During the last quarter of 2009 its focus will be expanded to cover Latin American and Africa music,videos and related merchandise.

For a number of years the music that we love i.e. soca, zouk, calypso, reggae, merengue, salsa etc has been very difficult to find or has had limited availability. The PUKSHOP crew took two years development to put a stop to this difficulty and have one central place where the world can come in and spend hours, if they wish to, wading through our selection. In addition to music we shall be selling or making available podcasts, DVDs, CD’s, streaming videos and other related miscellaneous items e.g. caps, banners etc . Their aim is to become the Caribbean equivalent of what iTunes currently is on the international market. With our global connections this site will further enhance your international reach to promote your artistes. Our objective is to have a name synonymous with all music from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

The primary product is music downloads (Soca, Zouk, Calypso, Chutney, Parang, Pan, Compas, Cadence, Soukouss, Reggae, Salsa, Reggaton). In addition there are several variations of these music genres such as Latin Jazz, Dancehall, and many more. These variations are also assumed within the major categories above where selected variations some will be DRM free . These products will be supplemented by a number of related products such as

· Caribbean and Latin American music downloads & CDs

· Jukebox playlist – more music, less talk available anywhere

· Carnival costumes

· Caribbean-themed books

· Caribbean and Latin American carnival and merchandise

· Live streaming of events, Podcasts & Videos

· Other related merchandise

· Online Digital Event Tickets

The internet has given rise to opportunities to many different models which PUKSHOP will exploit. Downloads from www.pukshop.com will be available via all legitimate digital media forms.

Some of the models which the website will provide and support are the subscription model , the “a la carte” model,the “a la carte” and subscription bundle model,the online jukebox model – access anywhere via pukshop.com,the on demand STREAMING distribution model,the advertising model, the tipping model – when you download a song you can tip the artist,the Partnership model with different business using ecommerce amongst other models.

PUKSHOP targets market is so immense. They are focussing on the Caribbean Islands, the Caribbean Diaspora – worldwide, the European Market – non Caribbean people, Asian and Pacific, Central, North & South America. Africa and Other diverse untouched markets. These markets can use the various platforms which PUKSHOP will make available via

· Internet – PC

· Internet – mobile phones, IPOD, MP3 players

· IPTV & other Digital Television forms – media streaming

· Stream audio and video wirelessly

· Interactive

· Internet & Radio Streams

Venomous will be leveraging its established relationships as its marketing vehicle to cost-effectively drive the marketing plan, thereby capitalising on the already well-established PUK brand. The PoisonUK (PUK) brand has steadily grown to become the forerunner in the Caribbean experience. It provides the reputation of knowing what’s happening and hot on the Caribbean scene and constantly bringing a new edge to existing experiences or introducing new and inspired Caribbean experiences to Europe and the UK. PUK has a strong interest in world music evidenced by the inclusion of an ‘Alternative room’ at PUK parties- where non-soca musical forms are played, including Latin American genres. PoisonUK have collaborated with and continue to have the full respect and trust of a number of high profile performers, producers and media, all of whom are well-known and established players in the industry including – MTV Base, Jump TV, 1Xtra BBC, BEN TV – to name a few. PoisonUK is a major player on the international Caribbean and specifically Carnival scene and the primary provider in the UK and Europe. PUK has also established a notable following in the US and throughout the Caribbean.

The website and it services are due for launch at the end of August 2009 in a 3 (three) part fanfare; beginning with a media gala and press party at the Carnival Village, (The Tabernacle) and the Sports Café in Piccadilly Circus respectively; both on the 27th August. This will be followed by the official public launch at the TROXY on the 28th August 2009 as part of ENERGY- neXt Levels’ featured Soca concert with Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons Alvarez and in the past has seen the likes of Machel Montano, Jamsey P, Mr Vegas and Alison Hinds.

“We are satisfying the need for an easy to use and dedicated avenue for Caribbean music here in Europe and other Caribbean Diasporas around the world,” says Nigel Guy (BMG Partnership). “It is our goal to become the foremost authority in the UK and Europe for Latin American and Caribbean music downloads and entertainment by offering the most extensive selection on music and ringtones in these genres” adds Guy.

With all that said, I am waiting on Pukshop to deliver...much success, I am just tired of waiting.

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