The content any online company produces, will be better served, if it has some viral capacity. Feeds are at the forefront of information distribution, Caribbean folks get to enjoy "up to di time" content, which is indexed for future search.

I have taken the attitude that sharing builds value in any one of my,, Web 3.0, will be less about who did it first, and more about who provide information through sharing.

The same journalism ethics will still be relevant.
My argument is, sharing has built strong companies, brands, etc. The Internet only speeds up the process. We share a product we like through word of mouth-the same way we share our dislikes. The business es who fail to share; fail to build a brand in today's market. Techcrunch reported on mySpace's sharing, and Apple on the other hand is picky about who it shares with. It essential as Caribbean folks that we tweet and retweet our stories, sharing creates hubs of information from content producers, publicists, artistes, and news organizations.

Adobe will be sharing with Gigya. How many Caribbean bloggers, online businesses, media company, online news companies you know that are currently sharing or involved in mutual partnerships. How often do you reach out to folks in the Caribbean to network and connect in meaningful ways?

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