Christopher "Sniperholix" Russell owns the clothing line based in Trinidad and Tobago called "Sniani". Chris says he is in the early stages of development thus and apparels are limited to t-shirts at the moment.

T-shirt Designs are inspired by life in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Caribbean as Sniani use many local slangs, symbols and images. Sniani - Apparel Elevation also has a broad assortment of funny, political and rastafarian designs and for Carnival that will be releasing exclusive soca and calypso themed designs. Apart from printing tees locally we are maximizing the reach of our products by utilizing online on-demand retailers such as, and
These retailers also allows us to design other products such as shoes, keychains, hats and merchandise. Our stores at these retailers are: Zazzle, Cafepress, and spreadshirts. Check them out and let us know what you think. We are also engaged in another project which we will launch at the end of the year. It is an online magazine about local arts and talent. We expect to showcase underground artistes, dancers, designers, photographers and such. Maybe we can trade features in the future. I hope all the info was sufficient and thanks for recognizing our store.

1. I understand that you are partnered with online retailers. Are you currently working with stores in Trinidad to have your product there?

Yes my products are featured at "D' Caribbean Culture Shack Ltd" while I am still negotiating with other stores. Soon they will be available on the University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus, Culture Shok and Flam.

2. Sniani - Apparel Elevation What is the meaning of this name?
My online name is SNIperholix and "ANI" is from an African name that means "royal". So I combined the two for a truly unique and memorable name. All my projects begin with SNI for branding purposes. Sniperholix means imagination on point

3. We understand that you currently have T-Shirts, are there any plans to broaden the choices to include other products?

Sure...I have designs for accessories, jeans, shirts and other custom stitched apparel, But I am holding back those designs until acceptable success with the tees which is coming along nicely

4. Are you the principal owner of the company?
Yes I am

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