I recently read this report ,which states that blogger is still one of the top platforms for those who blog. For Caribbean bloggers, Blogger dot com is a easy to use platform. Nikki z, Nurse Karen, Carnival Diary are all popular Caribbean bloggers who utilize the blogger platform to publish information.

While some bloggers do publish on their own custom domain. Others miss this valuable opportunity to keep content on their domain versus the blogspot domain on the blogger platform. I don't see the benefits of publishing on the blogstot platform (ie. informtainment.blogspot.com versus http://www.blog.informtainment.com/). If one day your blog become the biggest thing in the Universe and you want to transfer to another platform, all the hard word you put in with backlinks will be lost under the blogspot domain.

Here is how to update to custom domain on blogger platform

1. Purchase a domain-may take a few days to fully register.

2. Go to settings

3. Go to publishing

4. Put you new domain where it says "your domain"

5. Click here to explore specifics to change your DNS



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