I know there are many ways to google how to write a press release. However, many promoters, artiste, etc do not take the time to write this really simple article about themselves to promote their music or events properly. Not all press releases are created equal. I decided to provide some tips on what type of press releases we look for at DancehallSoca.com: Caribbean Lifestyle Media. If you are an artiste, promoter, or service provider these tips should be considered in your press release article.

1. Include samples of what you are promoting.
If it is a song, send a copy of the song. This may seem like a simple thing. I cannot tell you how many times, I receive press releases promoting a song without the actual song. If it is a product, send a Free product to media company.

2. Develop a relationship first
Without a relationship with the media company, it is like a cold call. It is hit or miss. When it comes to marketing your product, you cannot afford maybe. Relationships are important and need to be genuine. I would think that most media people understand the interdependence.

3. Be upfront & honest
You may say, yes Orlando, I would think so. You would be surprise at how many people twist things to appear a certain way. You never know, who knows who! The benefit of honesty in your press release is that it can stand the test.

4. Be professional
This is a term which can be subjective. I think it simple means, be presentable. You should know how to present yourself. You will not go to a black tie affair in shorts and t-shirt right?, why would you send out a half ass press release. This is your only representation to the world.

5. Get a damn website!
This happens daily. I get new music from a new artiste and it only includes their songs and nothing else. Nothing about the producer, bio, etc. I work hard for those who work hard for themselves. :) In today's electronic media world, If you do not have a website, you miss out on a variety of opportunities. For example, Angella Latti got a write up on this blog based on how well her website was done. Another artiste is Scrappy who sent in valuable information about his site.

I hope you take this advice and contact every media you know with the basics in mind and make your self successful!



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