The Search
In my exploration of other ways to make money for my client's blogs/websites. I recently discovered another great tool to monetize my blog. If you use google ads, the Chitika ad server offer a greater advantage by targeting ads to what your visitors search for to get to you. For example, if a visitor search google for Dancehall Music and located your website. All ads will be relevant to that visitor.

Ads will only appear to visitors, if they arrive from a search engine. If someone is a subscriber to your feeds, email, etc. They will not be served ads by Chitika.

Chitika uses what they call the premium approach.

The Premium Approach
Premium ads will only appear on your site to a visitor that clicks through to your website from a search engine. Why? Because we believe that targeting their search query and showing an ad related to that will result in a higher CTR and we don’t want you to feel like you are annoying your regular visitors with ads (this is especially important for forum owners).

The cost
It is totally free. Click banner below and get started. Happy Caribbean blogging!
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