THE INTERNATIONAL POWER SOCA MONARCH and the Play Whe Groovy Soca Monarch competitions could soon be roaming.
If producer William Munro has his way, Barbados and other countries in the region could play host to a segment of two of the biggest shows on Carnival Friday from next year.
Munro said his vision was to have the semi-finals for the two shows move around to the different islands, with the finals in Trinidad as usual.
Chairman of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Ken Knight, who was part of a delegation to Carnival in Trinidad, said the NCF would be willing to sit down with Munro and discuss the possibilities.
"It's something we have to look at, we have to sit down and rationalise and see how it benefits us. Certainly we are amenable to some discussion on it. We're very much open to anything to advance the artform." Read More



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