I recently noticed that there are a number of websites with blog like formats. In this format most content is not always original. There are two types of content. The first being adopted and the second is original content.

1. Adopted content is useful, easy, and is what I like to call directive. Directive means the blogger provide necessary information and points the reader to the original document or website. This is useful with sharing information and clearly brings more readers to your site and provide credit where it is due.

2. Original content is useful, not easy, needs creativity, and is 100% yours. The power of original content is the the writer/blogger/website/domain becomes a brand/useful to readers. The brand in turn creates a platform to generate income from traffic. Original content tend to be ranked higher on google, therefore you will see an increase in traffic via search.

If you are a pro blogger or would like to become one. The increase in traffic will also provide another benefit with the branding of your domain/website. The more you stick to a topic or provide information your readers find useful, they will be back. The important thing here is to make sure your domain is easy to remember like Informtainment.com or SiliconCaribe.com.



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