Dubplatekings.com is poised to bring a portion of the Dancehall/Reggae industry that has not been properly explored in the virtual world. Dub plates are personalize songs by artistes for sound systems, DJ's, websites, etc. I recently started doing some research on this aspect of the business to see what was out there-trust is an essential part of this business. The fraud in the past and present has been a issue that is not always being addressed. Dancehall artistes Twins of Twins recently faced this issue. A Majority of the fraud is a result of artistes not having a authority set up (discussed here) on their websites. I had some basic questions for Dub Plate Kings-they were quick to respond, a working phone number-excellent turn around with my email. The questions are below.

When was the company started?

Company was started in 2002

How are artistes secured for Dubs?

We are a reputable organization that has a close relationship with the artistes, in fact we have a show that is aired live on http://www.jamaicalivetv.com 6-10 pm EST. that's devoted to the reggae/dancehall Jamaican culture, so with us every one is secure.

How does Dubplatekings.com secure funds from DJ's/Sound System/radio personality to ensure trust of system?

Respected highly and being Jamaica's Duplate headquarters, We set examples, for others to follow We have a reputation that is more important to us than any sale we make and we treasure all our clients, We secure funds from clients via secure Socket Layers certificates and custom consumer oriented mechanisms to ensure Trust all our clients.

Who operates this company?

The company is currently operated by Dave "Kaliweed" Lindsay and Andrew "Landmine" Mcleod.

What are the future plans for this company?

These are very closely guarded, and cannot be discussed at this time.

Thank you Dub Plate Kings!

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