Not all tweeters are created equal, Twitter is currently surging with Caribbean celebs, business persons, and the likes. I have no scientific basis for this. However, I will state it anyway-those who twitter the most tend to promote themselves well-the more useful and informative their tweets are, the more followers they will have. We (Caribbean Lifestyle Media) recently signed on with Sponsor Tweets to monetize our tweets (I will discuss this further in another post)-Twitter is fast becoming a hub for Caribbean Talents.

Useful tweets

The most useful tweets provide insight into new music, new information, breaking news, the latest buzz, and periodically a perspective of a person you may not normally know. Let's be honest, I may never become best friends with most of the persons who follow us. However, the followers can connect with information they might not normally have-in real time.

New Information

This is critical to online media. I tend to use my "favorite" feature on twitter, this provide a quick tag to further investigation a trending story. I discuss earlier the deal between Bing and Google with twitter. This will be a feature that will be valuable in the real time Caribbean space.

Breaking News

AllianceJamaica twitter page is a prime example of information sharing. This keeps them relevant by providing media companies, like Caribbean Lifestyle Media, with the breaking news about their artistes. Some information we will cover and others we just let it go. Nevertheless, it is good to know, and make the decision to cover story or not.

You are silly!
Every now and then a artiste, company, or random person may say or twit a pic-hilarious at at times. :) That is a connection. Humor is something we can all appreciate. It is wonderful to know that "xyz" person has a sense of humor. Below are a list of tweeters I follow @DancehallSoca, that I find to be useful, informative, and interactive.

Here are some useful Caribbean Industry people & celebrities to follow on twitter:

Jwonder21-1,719 followers-4,955 tweets

Nikkiz-2,725 followers-13,176 tweets

Lil Bits-589 followers-3,573 tweets

TifaMusic-1998 followers-6, 289

Mistavybe-539 followers-2,402 tweets

Timberlee-1,632 followers-1, 624 tweets

Soca Prince (Dr. Jay)-1,530 followers-5,676 tweets

AllianceJamaica-2,917 followers-2, 603 tweets

CherineAnderson-1,664 followers-1,325 tweets

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