Back in June, I blogged about a new service called "". At the time, the importance of this service may not have been clear to many. Twitter has since become a household name. I recently discussed WeFollow, a twitter aggregator. Folkstown offers the same type of service, for Caribbean folks on twitter.

There is a ongoing battle at this point for news aggregators. This space is buzzing with activity. Techcrunch recently reported: Everyone is trying to take real time Twitter data and massage it into a useful, filtered news stream. has a new product on the way called Now. Digg is rebuilding the service from the ground up to take advantage of Twitter data in figuring out what’s hot sooner.

Folkstown recently contact us, to let us know that we were added. I see great things ahead for Folkstown. When I investigated further I noticed our logo was also listed in "Top Caribbean Twitters", among other popular names in the Caribbean online space.

About Folkstown utilizes the power of Twitter to track Caribbean wide conversations. Each tweet is categorized and sometimes linked to a place in the Caribbean region. Visitors can also vote for a conversation. Its easy and free

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