When browsing Caribbean websites, I continue to see websites that have no adverts or is monetized with just google adwords. I have made money using google, however, if you only use google ads, that is like leaving money on the table. I would like to take this time to explain the language that is often used to describe how online advertisement is measured and paid out to publishers. CPM-stands for cost per 1000 impressions. Impression-reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on your website. CPA-Cost per action-you receive commission every time a sale is generated. CPC-Cost per click-You earn money each time a visitor click on a link on a sponsor link on your site.

Things can get get a little more complication from here. I will give you the basic. The next question you may have is, which company do I work with to get advertisers? I am going to do my disclaimer here: I am in the business of sharing information and also making money from content I produce. All information below that I will offer to you is affiliate information-I make money from it. It is up to you to decide if you want to use the following companies I list. Please pay attention to their privacy policy and proceed from there, if you wish.

1. Adbrite

This is a fairly easy company to gain access to you. This is great for sites with low traffic that may want to get adverts. They offer banner ads, inline ads, text ads, and full page ads. The pay out is not that great but It is the best you can get for a low traffic website.

2. Linkshare

One the best, most trusted and respected cost per action companies. We utilize this company to gain access to itunes/FYE inventory. They pay on time and there is no minimum amount you will have to make to see a payout. The smallest check I ever receive from them was a commission of $2.38USD.

3. Text Link

Text link ads are a great way to offer adverts at little cost to advertiser for life. The way this works is that you can link to words in your article. I usually charge a lifetime link of $100 USD for life. Be aware of unknown companies who try to have you connect with them to do this. However this can work really well for artistes, music, products. Here is a example: I am checking out this new way to make money.

4. Offline advertisements

This form of advertisement will never die. It has been tested time and time again. There are a variety of ways I have used this method. Provide access for offline companies to online customers. The back end of my business is also the production work and licensing of our brands. This is important to remember. With our DancehallSoca brand, we can only be listed on events with permission. Those promoters in turn will purchase access to our platform.

5. Consulting

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mines-discussing online advertising and the way it can be best utilized. After a short conversation, my friend said to me, "I still do not understand." This is an opportunity, you can offer consultation for a fee to those who have no idea of how to execute this process online.

In the Caribbean entertainment industry this is often one of the most undervalued aspect of promotion. If you are a writer and you like to write. Reach out to artistes and their management and charge a fee. Most Caribbean artistes are not doing it. This is an opportunity.

7. Digital downloads

I decided a while back that the Caribbean digital download space was too crowded and is not profitable as a full fledged business, for me. However, I cannot beat them, so I join them. I have partnerships with digital download companies. For example, Napster and Itunes.

8. Twitter advertisements

Sponsored Tweets is a owned by Izea. They consider themselves to be social media marketing. The most recent sponsors of our Tweets was Volvo and Cheezdoodles. They have a minimum payout of $25USD and you can set up how much you are willing to accept for a tweet.

9. Adverts for video

If you have a website showing videos. There are a number of ways to monetize through google and other companies. I also make money on the back end for producing commercials, video editing, etc.

10. Chitika

Chitika company monetize your content on the back end. It is geared towards search. Ads will only show when a person search google for a word. Ads show up beneath your content displaying relevant adverts.

I hope this will be helpful in your quest to build a successful Caribbean online business.

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