If you are currently using twitter to connect with friends, texting family overseas (without charge), or promoting your brand, there are more purposes for twitter than you think. You may have notice "#", becoming more prominent, this is a way to organize topics, for example, #Soca,#Dancehall , and #Caribbean. If there are enough people organizing their topics to become a trending topic on Twitter. This can be huge for any brand, Usain Bolt was the trending topic a few weeks back. I knew it would not be long before advertisers found a way to utilize twitter . I first learned of Sponsored Tweets @ John Chow's blog.

Sponsored Tweets is setting out to monetize this space. They first started with celebrities and are now offering the opportunity for those with Twitter accounts, with over 500 followers to sign up and name their price. I think Nikki Z, a radio personality is one of the most active tweeters that I know of. Sponsored Tweets have an extensive policy about how their system should be used. Give Sponsored Tweets a try, I just started to use the service and I will keep you updated on my thoughts with this new system.

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