I spend a great deal of time doing international texting between the Caribbean, Canada, and England. The cost for international texting can add up. It dawn on me that twitter can actually be the intermediary between myself and my family members for FREE, no international texting rate.

Here is how it would work
1. Set a Twitter account
2. Invite only friends and family
3. Block those who try to friend you, who you may not know or don't want to know:)
4. It is important that your friends and family follow you, as well as you follow them.
5. Make sure you click ON for device updates in your list of followers
6. Go to settings and enable access to your mobile phone
7. That is it, when your family members/friends twitter it can be your little family/friends update all over the world
8. Be sure to have a unlimited texting plan in your country of origin. Check with your carrier to make sure there are no hidden cost to sending local texts.



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