Canadian Christian film, "HUSH" will be available online for free viewing. The film director/writer and producer Kevin Cameron will make the movie available on at his website: .

HUSH examines the life of a family of four trying to exhibit the principles and ethics of Christianity. Marcus is an entrepreneurial businessman supports his family through investments and money management; however, he has a vice that plagues him everyday he goes to work. Marilyn, a successful nurse and great mother, yet has a saucy temperament and struggles to escape from a physiological issue. Mekhi is a well-rounded 17 year old who is determined to be just like his father; academic and great with numbers, but he can’t let go of that very thing that comes so easily to him. Mitsey is the girl next door who has unlimited potential, however a horrible experience leaves her scarred beyond repair. This family has so many individual secrets that the unit suffers and can’t recover until there is divine intervention.

Kevin Cameron: Director/Producer/Screenplay Writer

Kevin Cameron was born and raised in Toronto,Canada who has obtained his Bachelors of Science Degree at Oakwood University in Alabama for English Language Arts Education. Upon his graduation, Mr. Cameron became a full-time teacher, and now heads the English department at a Christian Seventh Day Adventist Crawford Academy in Toronto. He has written several screenplays prior to his most recent film "HUSH", in hopes to bring Christian Film in Canada to the forefront.

Kevin Cameron is Available for Interviews Upon Request

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