I was inspired to write this blog because of this story. My father lived in Cuba for most of my life and he loved to write letters and even though the trips from Cuba to Jamaica was a short one. I treasured his letters. I still have his letters and this reminded me of the days when we would have to leave Cornwall to a local grocery store in Lacovia, St Elizabeth to use the one pay phone in the town.

Times have changed and everyone in Cornwall now has a cell phone and I have not received a letter in years. The question that keeps coming up for me is what will we be able to keep about our personal interactions for nostalgia's sake. Everything will move forward, and I embrace change but I wonder what will my children keep from me to chronicle life. I also notice that I save a lot more birthday cards now. Maybe this is because I like saving things and havng an archive of my life. This maybe even why I enjoy blogging. When was the last time you wrote a letter?

This blog allow its readers to send in postcard and letters to tell their deep, darkest secrets.



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