Upside of Living in Barbados

Apart from the hundreds of Guyanese bound to be affected by the new immigration policy which the government in Barbados has introduced, there are also others who have lived in the sister state for many years mostly unaffected by prejudices.

They have also come to appreciate the new decision by the island’s government mainly as being in their own best interest. Some of them now reside on the island since they qualified under the CARICOM Free Movement of Skilled Persons and others gained their status under the Owen Arthur administration. They were spoken to during a recent Stabroek News visit to Barbados.
One woman employed as a communications expert said that she has had absolutely no problems since she moved to Barbados.

“I was recruited from overseas by a regional organisation and even housing was arranged for me. Since I have been here Barbadians have been very good to me,” she said.
With reference to the new immigration policy which could be used as the yardstick for sending home many of her countrymen, the woman said she believes that there is need to regulate immigration and Barbados has the right to do this.

She noted too that while every country had the right to safeguard itself especially in this economic climate, how this is actually executed is another matter.
“I think that there are more humane ways of doing things. I fear that this will disrupt many lives and families,” she noted. She was not optimistic that many people would be willing to come forward to undergo scrutiny for qualification under the new policy. Read more



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