Buju recently stated that Bob was not the greatest in the Jamaica Observer. I love Bob's music but understood where Buju came from. This sparked obvious controversy and a #2 album in later weeks; controversy will generate a buzz only for those who have the media's attention.

Bob became an international hit not just because of his music but a combination of many things. His music, promotion, a company which valued his music, etc. While music from a variety of genres may have their superstars, others in the genre may not work as hard, get the same attention, or be promoted the same. This leave many stuck in between change and acceptance.

Since Bob passed away in 1981, his music sold millions and his family retained ownership of his music rights. In my opinion, this is solid business practice. Without a doubt greatness is not locked up in one man. Great musical content and delivery is what Bob did well. Bob would not have sold as many albums over the years if his music did not touch people on a visceral level (pop music normally do not sell for 28 yrs straight).

Bob's music has left the people thirsty for more and gave many others an opportunity to be heard. Reggae is associated with Bob, but the genre benefited because people want to know more about Reggae. Yes, Bob was one of the greatest but not the greatest. There is no greatest. Music on a spiritual level does not work this way. Music lends itself to many individuals to be utilize for self expression.



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