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I have been reading a lot about business leaders who fully understand the connection between value and successful business. I recommend a book by Jim Collins "Good to Great". If you are going to start a business, create something of value, travel, love more, appreciate more. Here are a few things I can share while I am motivated to.

For the Love of What?

People spend a great deal of time doing things they care about. Here are a list of things I spend a lot time doing, learning, being:

1. Listening music...peaceful

2. Reading..learning

3. Blogging about Caribbean interests

4. Technology...amazing the things that you learn

5. Getting to know people and their history....two of the most interesting persons I ever knew was my grandfather and grandmother who both live to 91 & 89 yrs old, raised me, nurture me. Imagine all the stuff I learned from them combined.

6. Home/life/wife...important because this is where I get my support and motivation to continue doing what I do.

What do you spend most of your time doing?



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