Lime In: Etana interview

Interview with Etana by our friends @ Limein
Had she stuck to her guns and became a nurse, maybe the lucky staff and patients and a Florida hospital or doctor's office would be privy to the clear, powerful and heavenly voice of this week's interviewee. Well thank God that didn't happen! Etana took a leap of faith and pursued a career as an artist and hasent looked back since!!!!She was born Shauna McKenzie in the hillside community of August Town situated in the South Eastern side of Jamaica. The only daughter of a fairly large family of boys, she attended school locally up until 1992 when she migrated to Miami Florida.

It was while studying at Broward Community College, Etana's passion for music heightened and she delved into creating new sounds from a host of genres she had embraced over the years, including Reggae, Pop, Hip Hop and Jazz. Her first attempt to make music a career was in 2000 when she prematurely exited college and joined the girl group GIFT. She played her part (you know every girl in a group as a role right, just check Destiny's Child) but it just wasn't her to have this uber sexy diva image. And her strength shone through. She quit- on the set of their lead single video no less. Oprah would say she had an "ah-ha" moment. Read More



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