I thought I would dig a little deeper into my blog and develop on what my visitors were searching for in google. I decided to go with a popular search for my blog, which is "Laden Dancehall." Informtainment, just happen to be number 1 for this search phrase. This article was posted on January 4th, 2009. Laden is a popular Dancehall artiste, who recently started to blow up on the international scene out of the Big Ship camp.

In the original post, I did not have as much information. When I noticed that this was a popular post on my blog. I went back and included a link to Laden's video, additional info for his music, etc. What I did was build upon new information on a popular page in my blog.


1. ranking high in search engines allowed me to utilize feedjit.com. This provide up to the minute info on what people are searching for over a period of time

2. Information may change months down the line and when a page/blog is important to others, it is important to add more so they can be update. This add value to your blog.

3. Improve opportunities to monetize your blog when you develop past blog posts.



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