My grandmother passed February of 2005. I was on my way to Trinidad (Carnival) when I got the news. My grandmother told me in December that she would not make it. Needless to say, I was not surprised when I heard of her passing. After my return from Trinidad, I went to St. Elizabeth and came up with the name Lillian Outlets. This was to celebrate my grandmother's life and build upon my past internet ventures.

I refined the concept of Lillian Outlets while driving in San Diego, California. Lillain Outlets would be a online shopping mall (like At the time, I had no idea how crowded the affiliate market was. I recruited my cousin who work with a investment firm in London and another cousin who is a graphic designer. I had lofty ideas about how Lillian Outlets would work. I spent a great deal of money on the website, logo, and promotion for a number of years. I made some money but Lillian Outlets was not successful.

This was my biggest failure because this company was named after Lillian who raised me in Cornwall, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. There was an emotional attachment to this domain and the business concept. This failure taught me a few things about Internet marketing. Lillian Outlets is still a active website, filled with advertisers. I have a difficult time letting go. :) was born out of the lessons I learned from my failures @ Lillian Outlets (read Part III)



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