Twitter has reach a crucial stage, everyone who did not know about Twitter, now knows. I knew about twitter for quite some time. I just never knew how it might help to broaden or add value to my DancehallSoca brand.

I like to let others test out products/services and then hear what good things or complaints they may have. I did this with the Iphone, social media, and many others. I like service/products that are practical to my life. For example, the Iphone, I don't own one, sometimes I want one, but I am not willing to switch my mobile carrier. In the near future, I thought to my self, my carrier will have a phone with the same features. This is now the case, because of the Iphone's popularity. Other phone manufacturers will produce similar products.

The important lesson here is that my mobile company produced something of value. That value kept me a loyal customer, regardless of what the latest product is. Twitter is doing the same. Twitter is producing something of value with its ability to be utilize by many for a variety of services, across a variety of platforms. I was on myspace and I cannot remember the last time I signed onto my account. Hi5, I never joined. Twitter is different in the sense that it is a glimpse into web 3.0. At best, web 3.0 will allow more apps and be less rigid. The producers of the information is "us" and companies like twitter will allow us to disseminate what is important to "us". We can get the information out to 30 friends or 5,000. Either way, twitter only showcase what is important to the individual using the service. We see this change in advertisers like Chitika (ads are served only based on what you want).

Twitter will be great for advertisers, public service announcements, local, international news. Our favorite runner Usain Bolt was in a accident yesterday and the world knew about it. They twittered. This is value! Value will never be boring. :)



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